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This is the web home of the Stokes family. It was put together by David Stokes to host web sites for me and my wife Victoria Anne Stokes.

We are a couple of Americans who have moved to Scotland. In 2005 we moved when Anne took a job and David went to post-graduate school at University of St Andrews. Much of this site is now devoted to documenting our life here in Scotland for our families and friends back home.

We are both engaged in academic careers. Anne is a faculty member in Biology. David is working on a PhD in History. We are both part of University of St Andrews.

I ran a web design business before returning to school I still work on occasional web projects. I especially enjoy working with small businesses, academic and non-profit organizations. If you want me to work for you, contact me at david@stokesinternet.com.

Some sites I have worked on:

Philosophy of Human-Computer Interaction
Duke University Postdoctoral Association
Jarvis Lab Web Site

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