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About Me

I've been telling myself stories for as long as I can remember; I still have vague recollections of the characters who populated my world when I was four. Sometime in high school, I started writing — fiction for ideas with plot, poetry for nebulous sensations that cried out to be put to words. I had a few pieces in our high school literary magazine, but didn't pursue wider publication for another decade or so. Now, I write almost every evening. Far more stories spin through my mind than could ever find their way to my keyboard, but I hope that I've managed to spread some enjoyment with those I've shared with the world.

I live in Scotland, where I teach and research computational biology for a living. I enjoy birdwatching and horseback riding, and my other creative outlet besides writing is crafting chain maille-based jewellery (see my jewellery pages: Temertei Jewellery Creations). Another great competitor for my time is reading; I read, as a I write, mainly speculative fiction — science fiction and fantasy — although I enjoy a wide range of fiction and non-fiction.