Anne and David Move to Scotland

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We are moving to Scotland in August 2005. We will both be members of the University of St. Andrews. Anne will be a faculty member in the School of Biology, continuing her work in computational biology. David will be a post-graduate student in the School of History studying early modern history, central europe, and the beginings of science.

We will be living in Cellardyke, a costal village about 10 miles from St. Andrews, next to the larger and better known village Anstruther. We have let a lovely old house looking over the harbour.

St. Andrews and Cellardyke are part of the Kingdom of Fife, a district of Scotland along the east coast between the Forth and Tay rivers, and the cities of Edinburgh and Dundee. Cellardyke is in a region called the East Neuk, an area of coastlines and fishing villages. St Andrews lies just to the north of East Neuk.

Enjoy the photos. Most of the photos of St Andrews were taken in January 2005, when we went to interview. The photos of Cellardyke were taken in May 2005 when we were looking for houses.

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