Our House in Cellardyke

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We will be living in Cellardyke, a costal village about 10 miles from St. Andrews. We are letting a lovely old house. Near the end of a hectic trip to find housing and finding very little, we came across this place which was better than we had hoped. It looks over the harbour and the North Sea. Eventually we plan to buy a house of our own, but this place will spoil us. Some of the furnishings will remain for us.

Click on the images for larger versions (approx 80k each).

View of Cellardyke from the harbour. Our house is in the middle.

Cellardyke Harbour, also called Skinfast Haven, and Isle of May in the distance.

Anne on rocks along the shore.

Narrow main street in Cellardyke. Lintel over the house on the left reads "T.S. ♥ M.D. 1709."

Street along the harbour.

Dove Street; our house is the white one in the front left.

Anstruther, the neighboring village.

Anstruther Harbour.

Anstruther beach and the bus stop to St. Andrews.

Our house is in the middle, with the blue car in front, and the gardens extending up the hill behind.

The front of our house. It is a listed historical building.

The living room on the ground floor.

Anne and our landlord in the dining room. Behind him is the Raeburn stove - which heats the water, fills the radiators, and cooks food.

Anne and George at the dining table. The harbour and sea can be seen through the window.

The kitchen attached to the dining room. It is small, but much of the cooking will be done on the Raeburn anyway.

The main bedroom on the first floor (that's one flight up for Americans).

The bathroom, in the middle of the first floor.

The second bedroom, which will become David's study.

A bench on the first tier of the garden.

The garden has several tiers running up the side of the hill.

From the garden there is a wonderful view of the sea.

The attic room, where Anne will write and which will be availble for guests.

A view over the top of the house to the harbour, the sea, and the Isle of May.

A view from the top of the garden at the buildings of Cellardyke.