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The message is the most important part of a web site. Everyone has a story to tell. The web can be a great way to get that story across, whatever it might be. You can reach many people all over the world and let them know who you are and what you have to offer. As a web designer I try to understand the message you want to communicate and keep it in mind throughout the design process.

A good web design should enhance your message. It should present the message in a way that communicates effectively to the people you want to reach. Too many web sites detract from the message with poor design. Advanced features, such as animation or sound, can sometimes enhance a message, but often they just distract from the main point. In my designs I try to use only what is necessary to communicate your message in an effective and attractive way.

Your message should reach as many people as possible. Your visitors are too important to lose because they don't use the same web browser you use. Today people surf the web with lots of different technologies, from hi-res monitors, to cell phones, to screen readers for the visually impaired. A well designed site will work with any browser, and usually it does not take much extra work to make it do so. I design sites that work with the widest range of browsers possible.

Visitors should have an easy time understanding your site. Visitors don't want to spend lots of time guessing where the information they need is located - they want to find what they need quickly. Therefore, it is essential that the organization and navigation of your site be apparent to the user. I have done graduate study on how people interact with computers. I will make sure your web site is easy for visitors to navigate and use.

I will work with you to improve the impact of your message Because I run my own business I devote my personal attention to your project. I will discuss your needs and goals for your web site with you before I start to work. As I work I will make sure what I create meets your goals.

If you new a new web site designed from scratch or if your current site just needs a tune-up, contact me, and I will be happy to discuss with you how I can make you a fantastic web site.

Some sites I have worked on:

Philosophy of Human-Computer Interaction
Duke University Postdoctoral Association
Jarvis Lab Web Site

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