Stories of Imaginary Places

Issue 3: Summer 2004


 In this issue:

Since the last issue I have worked as Literary Chair for Trinoc*con, a science-fiction convention in Durham, North Carolina. If you go to conventions please thank the organizing committee — they work many hours to put the convention together with little thanks. And think about volunteering to work at the convention, there are always plenty of jobs to be done, and you get to meet interesting people.

In this issue I present 6 short stories, and a convention report (under construction).

Some of the stories in this issue might be called a bit depressing. "The World Within the Pane" will make you cry, although it is worth it. Maybe this reflects something about my own emotional state. Or maybe it is just a coincidence that many of the best written stories I got had heavy themes. Whatever the case, I think the stories are good, and many of them have a hopeful ending, so keep reading.

I'm not sure what the future of this publication will be. I'm back in school — gearing up to try again to finish a Ph. D. That takes much of my time, making it difficult to keep up with publishing. For now, assume that I will keep on as before. The publication schedule will be fairly slow, but I will get around to it. I may need to take on an assistant editor sometime. If you are interested, or if you just have comments such as you hope I keep publishing, send me an e-mail.

David Stokes,
Editor, Parageography.