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Horseback Riding and Gymnastics


I've loved horses ever since I spent all day on the pony rides at my father's company picnic when I was three. As an undergraduate, I rode for the William and Mary Equestrian Team at Intercollegiate Horse Show Association competitions, and I used to take lessons at Up-N-Over Stables in Indiana. I do mostly eventing.


I was the second president of the William and Mary Gymastics Club. At Indiana, I competed with the IU Gymnastics Club. In 2000 we hosted the NAIGC (National Association of Intercolegiate Gymnastics Clubs)Nationals Competition. Here in Scotland, I have moved into a new form of gymnastics, and am part of St Andrew's Trampoline Club.

USA Gymnastics is the governing body for gymnastics in the US. Check out their TV schedule for coverage of gymnastics competitions.

In the UK, British Gymnastics is the governing body for gymnastics.

Horses & Gymnastics

And for anyone who doesn't think horses and gymanstics go together, take a look at the American Vaulting Association. I've never tried this sport, but I really have to some day...

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Last updated: November 25, 2005