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Fantasy and Speculative Fiction Markets

This is only a small list of magazines and some anthologies, with links to their guidelines if I have them. They are biased toward what I tend to write, mostly fantasy, but I occasionally include others that I run across. It is mostly a way to organize my bookmarks, but I thought I'd share my efforts.

The table is in alphabetical order, and includes the types of information that I generally want to know about a magazine at a glance. If a cell is empty, that means I didn't know or couldn't tell. For example, some places might say specifically that they don't take fantasy, but not mention anything about horror. In such a case, I put an N (for No) under the fantasy column, but leave the horror column blank.

And of course, the general caveat: don't take my word for anything. Read the guidelines yourself. Get a sample copy if possible before submitting. Guidelines change, magazines get new editors, my info may be out of date, or I may have made an error.

Explanation of abbreviations can be found at the bottom of the table. Most are pretty obvious.
Categories of Pro, Semi-Pro, and Small are general and may not conform to SFWA criteria.

Market Guidelines Media Category eSub Country SF Fa Ho Words Notes
Aberrant Dreams Guidelines Print/Electronic  Pro    <=10000   
Abyss & Apex Guidelines
Editorial Staff
Electronic  Pro  US  <=1000  speculative fiction & poetry; check for reading periods 
Albedo One Guidelines Print/Electronic  Small  Ireland  2000-8000   
Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine Guidelines Print  Pro  US  <=14000  mystery stories of any genre 
Analog Guidelines Print  Pro  US      <=20000  query for serials (40000-80000 words) 
Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine Guidelines Print/Electronic  Semi-Pro  Australia  <=10000  special formatting instructions 
Aoife's Kiss Guidelines Print/Electronic  Semi-Pro  US  <=6000   
Apex Magazine Guidelines Electronic  Pro      <=7500   
Asimov's Science Fiction Guidelines Print  Pro  US    <=15000   
Aurealis Guidelines Print  Semi-Pro  Australia  2000-8000  query if outside of Australia 
Bards and Sages Guidelines Print  Small  US  <=2000   
Beneath Ceaseless Skies Guidelines Electronic  Pro  US        <=10000   
Black Gate Guidelines
Print  Pro  US  any length  adventure-oriented fantasy suitable for all ages 
Bull Spec Guidelines Print  Pro  US  1000-7500   
ByLine Guidelines Print  Pro  US  2000-4000  On hiatus 
Cat Fancy Guidelines Print  Small  US        <=600  info for Flights of Fancy column. Otherwise Pro, nonfiction 
Cats and Kittens Magazine Guidelines Print  Pro  US        500-2000  non-fiction cat magazine 
Cemetery Dance Guidelines Print  Pro  US    <=5000   
Challenging Destiny
Print/Electronic  Semi-Pro  Canada  2000-10000  On hiatus 
Clarkesworld Magazine Guidelines Print/Electronic  Pro  US  1000-8000   
Daily Science Fiction Guidelines Electronic  Pro  US  100-10000  dark fantasy ok, horror not 
Electric Velocipede Guidelines Electronic  Small  US  <=10000   
Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine Guidelines Print  Pro  US        <=12000  mysteries of all genres 
Fantasy and Science Fiction Guidelines Print  Pro  US    <=25000   
Fantasy Magazine Guidelines Print  Semi-Pro  US      1000-8000   
Flesh and Blood Guidelines Print  Pro  US    <=5000  surreal/dark fantasy 
Futurismic Guidelines Electronic  Pro    <=15000  submit via web form 
Glimmer Train Stories Guidelines Print  Pro  US        <=1200  Standard Submission (no reading fee) 
Golden Visions Magazine Guidelines Print/Electronic  Small  US  <=6000  mild horror 
Heroic Fantasy Quarterly Guidelines Electronic  Semi-Pro        <=10000  willing to serialize max 50,000 over 4 issues 
Ideomancer Guidelines Electronic  Pro    <=7000  no subs in Nov, May, Feb, Aug 
Intergalactic Medicine Show Guidelines Electronic  Pro  US    any length   
Interzone Guidelines Print  Pro  UK    <=15000  subs also considered for 3rd Alternative 
Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet Guidelines Print  Semi-Pro  US       
Lightspeed Guidelines Electronic  Pro  US    1000-7500   
Lorelei Signal Guidelines Print/Electronic  Small  US      <=10000  strong female character; over length if necc. 
Mythic Delerium Guidelines Print  Semi-Pro  US  40 lines  poetry 
Nature Guidelines Print/Electronic  Pro  UK  850-950  Futures column 
Necrotic Tissue Guidelines Print  Semi-Pro  US      100-5000   
Not One of Us Guidelines Print  Semi-Pro  US      2000-5000   
On Spec Guidelines Print  Semi-Pro  Canada  <=6000   
Quantum Muse Guidelines Electronic  Semi-Pro  US    <=8000  submit via webform; query for serials 
Realms of Fantasy Guidelines Print  Pro  US    <=10000   
Redstone Science Fiction Guidelines Electronic  Pro  US  750-4000   
Shimmer Guidelines Print/Electronic  Semi-Pro  US        <=5000  speculative fiction; query for over 5000 words 
Sorcerous Signals Guidelines Print/Electronic  Small  US      <=10000  go over length only if necc. 
Star Line Guidelines Print  Semi-Pro  US    poetry 
Strange Horzions Guidelines Electronic  Pro    <=9000  prefer under 5000 words 
Tales of the Talisman Guidelines Print  Semi-Pro  US    <=6000  check for reading periods 
The Edge Guidelines Print  Pro  UK  >=2000   
The Fifth Dimension Guidelines Electronic  Semi-Pro  US  <=7500  query for longer subs 
The Magazine of Speculative Poetry Guidelines Print  Semi-Pro  US    poetry 
The Martian Wave Guidelines Print  Small  US      <=7500  space exploration 
The Pedestal Magazine Guidelines Electronic  Pro  US  <=6000  must be literary, poetry/fiction 
The Shine Journal Guidelines Electronic  Small  US        <=1000  all genres welcome 
Wierd Tales Guidelines Print  Pro  US  <=10000   

eSub: takes electronic submission
SF: Science Fiction
Fa: Fantasy
Ho: Horror
Y : Yes
N : No
<= : less than or equal to
>= : greather than or equal to

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Last updated: February 17, 2011