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Science Fiction and Fantasy

Local to North Carolina Research Triangle
Local convention in Durham with which I was involved with when I lived there. I was science program chair in 2003, and my husband was literary chair in 2003 and 2004. (Unfortunately the con ended in 2008)
A local convention in High Point, NC, put on by a student group at UNC-Greensboro.
The Research Triangle Science Fiction Society, a group of people in the triangle who enjoy science fiction and fantasy. They have an active mailing list as well as face-to-face gatherings and activities.

Some authors I like (alphabetical order)
Marion Zimmer Bradely:
Marion Zimmer Bradley Literary Works Trust, has articles written by MZB and info about the Sword and Sorceress Anthologies, as well as the order of service from her funeral.
Lois McMaster Bujold:
The Bujold Nexus, Official Bujold website, has information about the author and her books.
David Brin:
Personal home page, chock full of stuff.
David B. Coe:
Personal home page. Info about the author, his books, and a trivia contest where fans can win free signed books and such items.
Julie Czerneda
A new favorite of mine: I just love the sense I get when I call the author really *knows* what its like to be in the field studying animals.
David Eddings:
Fan page, with detailed information about his books (glossaries, timelines, etc.), and transcripts of some interviews with the author.
C.S. Friedman:
Fan page, with information about the author, her books, and her writing style. The site appears to be run with the knowledge and support of the author and her publisher.
Katherine Kerr:
Writes cool Celtic fantasy.
Katherine Kurtz:
Official Deryni and Katherine Kurtz site. Info about the author, her books, conventions and appearances, etc.
Mercedes Lackey:
One of my all time favorites. Come on, telepathic horses and magical birds, you can't top that!
Holly Lisle:
Extensive site with lots of essays and other information from Holly.
Anne McCaffrey:
Personal site. Contains her blog.
L.E. Modesitt, Jr:
"Official Fan Site". Has a bibliography of books and stories he's written, and a FAQ with answers from the author himself.
Elizabeth Moon:
Personal home page, writes both science fiction and fantasy. She's got lots of pictures of her horses.
Melanie Rawn:
The official fan page, containing the official fan club that has the support of the author and her publishers.
Jennifer Roberson:
Personal home page, with tons of information about her books and her worlds.
David Weber:
Fan page, with interaction with the author.

Plus, authors from the local speculative fiction writing group when I lived in Indiana:
Fran Van Cleave
Ron Collins
James S. Dorr
Susan Urbanek Linville
Steven V. Ramey

Some other friends who write:
Jason Erik Lundberg
Lee Martindale

And now I have my own writing page:
V Anne Arden


Have information about the authors they publish.

Del Rey

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Last updated: February 17, 2011